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You can connect to JobbingTown by the means of your social networks, or by manually entering your name, or just a nickname. Insert your own pictures, it will inspire more confidence in those who want to get in contact with you.

At JobbingTown you can exploit all your skills, from those in which you have a degree, or a proven track record, thus creating a Professional Jobber profile, to those in which you have an amateur competence acquired thanks to your hobbies, your interests or your attitudes, thus creating a Do-it-yourself/Amateur Jobber profile. Start by adding the Job in which you have more experience and complete the short form following our suggestions to improve your visibility. Within seconds your first Job will be ready to be found! You can enter as many Jobs as there are your experiences and skills.

Improve your profile with photos, links to video or websites illustrating your portfolio, what you can do and what you have achieved so far. The quality of JobbingTown is guaranteed by the feedback that each customer gives to the Jobbers. Thus, it is important that the description on your profile is honest and consistent with your skills and experience.

For us your contribution is important. If your specific expertise is not present in our database you can manually add it. Our team will evaluate you request and will insert your competence in the official database. A more complete and accurate profile will give you more visibility. Choose your own schedule and the area you are available to work. Complete your profile with a brief description of your skills, of how you acquired your expertise and your achievements in the field. This will allow the customers to find you more easily.

That’s it!

Jobbingtown! Where all what you are, is worth!

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